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Mission / Vision Statement

  • The goal of the Uttar Pradesh Power Sector Reform programme is to:
    • Provide cost efficient good quality electricity to all categories of consumers for economic development/social uplift of the State.
    • Make the energy sector commercially viable so that it ceases to be burden on the state budget; and
    • Protect the investment of the consumers.
  • Keeping in view the above mentioned goals, the Government of Uttar Pradesh has agreed on the following key aspects of the Power Sector Reform Programme:
    • Restructing of Uttar Pradesh State Electricity Board (UPSEB) into autonomous and separately accountable entities.
    • Creation of an Independent Regulatory Body to protect consumers as well as long term financial health of the Power Sector.
    • Ultimate transfer of ownership of the assets to public corporate entities over a phased time schedule.
    • Rationalization of tariff.
  • Reforms-Phase I (Corporation): With the increasing volume of activities and specialisation in the field of Generation, Transmission and Distribution and with a view to improve the performance of these sectors, it has become essential to run them as separate profit centres. These profit centres would subsequently be corporatised by establishing following entities:
    • Thermal Generation Corporation;
    • Hydro Generation Corporation.
    • Transmission and Distribution Corporation
    As a further step to make these entities more responsive to the customers and to provide better service, the process of involving private entrepreneurs in the distribution of Electricity has already been started. The Greater NOIDA Area has been privatised. It is envisaged that the distribution works of Moradabad, Kanpur (KESA) and Agra zones will be handed over to privatise company through the competitive bidding route in the begining of the reform process. This aspect too will be finalised after requisite study.